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Faith In The Next Step

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

As I was reading through my devotional I felt led to share my thoughts on the word "faith". I feel like the majority of us are on that golden path to the next big step in our lives whether that is dealing with school, basketball, new job opportunities, or whatever the case may be.. No matter what your faith is I think this message will help in your walk in life and help you with that NEXT STEP. (Please share if you feel led to)

Daring Faith:

Recently, I was speeding down a flight of stairs and had the brilliant idea of skipping over a couple steps for sake of time. Let's just say it wasn't my finest moment. Thankfully, my tumble down the stairs only left me with a bruised knee and a bruised ego that luckily no one else saw lol. And I guess a funny story that still makes me laugh!

Beyond the laughter, there is a lesson:

Each step to our destination is an important one. If we try to skip over necessarysteps, it will only lead to unnecessary pain.

There's no shortcut to becoming more like God and fulfilling your God-given assignment. There's no secret out there that will put you on a fast track to success. There's no in-crowd that can get you out of simple faithfulness. There's no magic pill to avoid daily taking up your cross in order to experience his resurrection power.

There's just the next step. God is always faithful to lead you to your next step. He illuminates your path through His Word, through counsel, and through the wisdom of others. I've struggled with this simple teaching a number of times but I have to remind myself

It's never a question of whether or not there's a next step. The question is: will I take it?

The next step will most likely require courage, humility and discipline; and it will always require faith. This could mean getting a couple hundred more shots up during the week, going to that tutoring session, or studying last nights game film. All these things breed confidence which is required to go to that next level!

Your next step matters. Without it, you will never experience God's power at work in your life! The next step is always worth taking. So take your next step. Don't put it off. Go for it! And see what new blessings take shape in your lives.

Continued prosperity,

Yemnasium Training

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